The Body Therapy Shop provides therapeutic massage, bodywork and physical therapy. The bodywork techniques offered are a result of extensive continuing education and clinical experience. Ricky's philosophy is to help clients relieve stress-induced muscle or joint pain, rediscover their body awareness, and improve their physical ability leading to greater comfort with daily activities and a higher quality of life.

Owner and practitioner, Ricky Cummings, is Illinois licensed as both a Physical and Massage Therapist. A sample of the bodywork services he provides includes:

Keep in mind that today’s lifestyles can be extremely stressful resulting in muscle tension and body aches that impair your daily physical and mental performance. The World Health Organization released a statement that stress-related illnesses account for 75-90% of Doctor's office visits for Heart, Gastrointestinal, Emotional and Musculoskeletal Systems. But, it is not the stress that causes the illnesses, it is the stress reaction in the individual that creates physiological responses detrimental to overall health. Bodywork techniques purge and refresh your neuromuscular system providing relief from stress-related body aches while enhancing your sense of well being. Massage has become an effective adjunct therapy for rehabilitation, healthy lifestyles and wellness programs throughout the country.

Here at The Body Therapy Shop I provide advanced bodywork services to help clients and patients reach a higher quality of function as well as discussing strategies to reduce stress reactions to daily physical stressors. Based on the client/patient impairments found during sessions of bodywork, suggestions are made for exercises and lifestyle changes to prevent, manage or improve potentially harmful impairments. I help people learn to exercise for improving their recreational and daily activities for a higher quality of life. As any good professional should do, if an indication that a physiological or mental condition exists in the client/patient that I am unable to provide a solution for, I discuss the alternative professions that would be more appropriate to further diagnose and treat at a more effective level. Many of my clients have been helped by me referring them to the proper professional. And they typically return to continue with bodywork as an adjunctive therapy.